Advanced Fiber Optic Technologies

  • Fiber Optic Sensors & Sensing Systems
  • Physical Security Monitoring
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Pipeline Leak & TPI Monitoring
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Fiber optic sensor innovation

Fiber Optic Sensor Advanced Applications

The CEL Advanced Technologies Group pioneers the development of innovative Fiber Optic sensors and sensing systems for different applications. Our various fiber optic sensors, manhole switches, intrusion detection systems, and more offer unique solutions to monitoring challenges.

Experts in Fiber Optic Sensors

If you need to sense, measure, track, and transmit data, rely on us for a fiber optics system.
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Engineering & Design of Systems and Equipment

We design and build innovative solutions for the application of fiber optic technology.
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9001:2015 – AS9100D

Certified manufacturing to the highest quality standards from industry to aerospace.
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Quality, Integrity, and Innovation in Fiber Optic Sensing

Leading edge innovation, engineering, and application development for critical monitoring.

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Fiber Sensing Technologies

We develop critical monitoring and sensing products using fiber optic technology that can measure vibration, temperature changes, liquid and gas leaks, and intrusion events. Our products also monitor the health of structures such as bridges, tunnels, pipelines, and power stations.

Application Areas

Industries where our fiber optic sensing and application technologies outperform.

Support Services

Fiber optic sensor engineering


Fiber optic sensor fabrication services


Fiber optic sensor component instrumentation

Component Instrumentation

Fiber optic sensor monitoring

CAD/3D Model Design