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Manhole Monitoring Case Study

CEL’s Fiber Optic sensors are used in security applications to monitor arrays of cameras and other sensors, or to monitor perimeters for intrusion detection. CEL’s Fiber Optic sensors are passive devices requiring no power and are immune to EMI. Fiber Optic sensors have a proven record of providing extremely accurate and repeatable data over a long period of time. Single systems can be designed to monitor multiple application simultaneously such as equipment wear, operational efficiency, leak detection and security. Multiple sensors can be installed on a single fiber and networked into one piece of monitoring equipment. This multiplexing capability drastically reduces cabling and equipment requirements, thereby reducing cost.

FiberStrike fiber optic sensor systems
fiber optic sensor systems
manhole fiber optic sensor systems

Sensing Solutions For Intrusion Detection

FiberStrike®: An advanced fiber optic sensing platform that is flexible and scalable. System architecture facilitates configuration for virtually any security monitoring application. Multiple sensor types address a broad range of intrusion detection applications:

Distributed Sensing Systems Information Security

  • Monitor communication line trays and conduits, helping to ensure information security
  • Sensing fiber installed alongside communications lines, provides information on location of disturbances at any location along a pathway
  • Strategically installed such that any physical disturbance of communications line will be detected
  • The monitoring fiber is a physical movement detector, sensitive everywhere along its entire length
  • Detection probability and location accuracy may be increased by use of multiple sensing fibers Perimeter Security
  • Distributed sensing fiber is directly buried, helping to ensure physical perimeter security
  • Sensing fiber detects vehicular and pedestrian traffic, provides information on location anywhere along fiber
  • Sensing fiber may be 25+ kilometers long
  • Burial depth of sensing fiber customized based on local conditions, property configuration, and sensing requirements
  • Multiple parallel spaced sensing fibers increase probability of detection and location accuracy
fencing fiber optic sensor systems
platform fiber optic sensor systems

Discrete Sensor Systems

  • Switches monitor and provide status information at specific points such as doors, access hatches, floor sections, etc.
  • Available in multiple actuator configurations
  • Standard size package and mounting centers
  • Passive, optically-based, cannot be electrically bypassed
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistance packaging available

User Interface

  • CEL’s advanced API provides a .net event output that allows easy integration with other existing Command and Control systems
  • Monitors and provides alerts, location information and data logging when discrete or distributed sensing systems are triggered or disturbed; remotely accessible
  • CEL offers the ICS SMS EnterpriseTM C3I Command and Control solution including customized graphic user interface; intuitive and designed to be used by anyone without a need for detailed training

Advantages of FiberStrike® intrusion detection systems:

  • All FiberStrike® sensors (both distributed and discrete) are passive, have no electronic components, emit no signals and require no electrical power
  • Nonconductive optical fiber is immune to electrical interference and degradation due to chemicals or environmental factors
  • Multiple optical fibers are easily deployed for redundancy
  • Sensors may be 25+ kilometers from head-end monitoring equipment, no booster amplifiers required
razor wire fiber optic sensor systems

Security Applications

CEL has created several sensors and sensing systems for the security industry, including manhole, hatch and doorway access control devices, a fence mounted perimeter security system, a conduit monitoring system for PDS applications, and more. We also designed and developed a sensing system to monitor pedestrian traffic and specific weight thresholds on and around mass transportation platforms and similar environments. In such areas, specific risks exist in pedestrian areas as well as between and parallel to the tracks.

Security Sensors

To meet these demanding applications, CEL has developed and thoroughly tested all of our sensors. Sensors include rigid platforms and rubberized mats embedded with fiber optic sensors, access control switches, sensing arrays for perimeter security and PDS monitoring, linear and rotary position sensors.

camera fiber optic sensor systems

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